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The Standish Group

Quality relationship

The Standish Group suggests that a quality relationship begins with creating a cooperative environment with mutually agreeable ground rules for effective teamwork.

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Bill Coleman

Coach, Not a Manager

Bill Coleman suggests you coach, not a manager.

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The Standish Group

User Motive

The Standish Group suggests that for any project to succeed it needs a user or users that wants to help the project and see it to a rapid successful completion and implementation.

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Lee Jones

Every Problem was a Nail

B. Lee Jones suggests mix of business and technical understanding.

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Jim Johnson

In Search of the Obvious

Jim Johnson gives "In Search of the Obvious, The Antidote for Today's Marketing Mess" a rating 4 out of 5 butterflies. 

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The Standish Group

Business communications

The Standish Group suggests that for any project to succeed the project team must is talk to the users in their language and customs.

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Bill Smillie

Boardroom Agenda

Bill Smillie suggests that software business project success is tied directly to the effective involvement of business executives

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