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Kurt Tierens

The Power of Scrum Development

Kurt Tierens recalls last year we implemented our first scrum…

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Theo van Leest

The Public Execution of Miss Scarlet

Theo van Leest rates The Public Execution of Miss Scarlet…

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Joseph Puthenpuracka

Servant Leadership

Joseph Puthenpurackal believes that) good sponsors need to embody principles…

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Mohamed Bougharda

Decision Pipeline

Mohamed Bougharda suggests that having a correct decision…

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Tim Vermeulen

The Project Saboteur

Tim Vermeulen rates The Project Saboteur 5 out of 5 butterflies.

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Pascal de Haan

Right team and a Good Sponsor

Pascal de Haan suggests that the right team with a good sponsor should go hand in hand.

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Stijn Van Looy

Why project management tools can lead to failure?

Stijn Van Looy suggests that the implementation of…

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