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Robert Kelley

Good Listener

Bob Kelley says, “One of the best executive sponsors that I worked with was early in my career at a local manufacturing company.

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Jim Loehr

Seek Active Recovery

James Loehr suggests that you seek active recovery.



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Chip Bell

Bolstering Self-Direction and Independence

Chip Bell suggests effective mentoring relationships are rich, engaging and intimate.

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Eric Verzuh

Long Haul

Eric Verzuh suggests project managers with a reputation for competence, integrity, and fairness reap the rewards of their virtues.



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Jim Johnson

Situational Sponsorship

Jim Johnson gives Situational Sponsorship of Projects and Programs 5 out of 5 butterflies.

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Phantom Advisor

P13. The Tie That Binds

13. The Tie That Binds:  is the fear of releasing consultants that maintains some client/consultant relationships long after they would otherwise be terminated. 

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The Standish Group

Issue Response

The Standish Group suggests that Issue response is both timely and truthful will help create the bond between the project manager and the executive sponsor.


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