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Mohamed Bougharda

Winning Hand and Infrastructure Projects

Mohamed Bougharda suggest that the winning has his roots…

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Tim Vermeulen

Smart scheduling to reduce Decision Latency (part 1)

Tim Vermeulen thinks that one of the main success factors of an agile…

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Better PM

The Standish Group suggests you read Café CHAOS blog post Better PM

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Stijn Van Looy

Book Review: The Good Sponsor

Stijn Van Looy reviews The Good Sponsor and suggests…

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Pascal de Haan

We are all Human

Pascal de Haan suggests developing your strengths instead of your weaknesses

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Robert Dirks

An Old Habit of Advocating Honor

Robert Dirks experience is that he sees that the level of…

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The Standish Group

Velocity Steppingstone

The Standish Group suggests projects should have small but significant deliverables. 

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