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Mike Nemerowski


Mike Nemerowski suggests that executive sponsors get their hands dirty.

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Shahin Khan

Building Decision Trust

Shahin Khan suggests the executive sponsor needs to build a trusted team. 

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Bill Coleman


As Bill Coleman says, “The Solaris project was the future of the company [Sun Microsystems]. Our plan called for the project to last two and a half years, ending in June 1992."

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Jeff Sutherland

Brook’s Law

Jeff Sutherland recalls of an interesting example in a start-up in North Carolina.

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Kirby Wadsworth

Touching the Elephant

As Kirby Wadsworth  says, “My problem with Elephant Projects is I love touching the elephant."

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Robert Kelley


As Bob Kelley says, “I think the worst example of the lack of executive sponsorship was at a pharmaceutical company in Southern California.

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The Standish Group

Simple Vision: Life Cycle

The Standish Group suggests simple vision should encompass project benefits for the short, mid, and long term of the project's life cycle.

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