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Raj Nathan

Business Changes

Raj Nathan suggests that one of the main purposes of an executive sponsor is to evaluate business changes that affect the project.

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Jim Crear

Steppingstones, No Milestones

Jim Crear suggests you use steppingstones and not milestones.

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Pauline Nist

Tooth Ache

Pauline Nist suggests you save a reserve slot.

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Bill Coleman

Common Vocabulary

Bill Coleman suggests If you develop a good process that is repeatable and measurable,

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Albert Soule

Ringing Endorsement

Albert Soule suggests that executive sponsors figure out how to enthusiastically endorse the project or stop being the executive sponsor.

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Hans Mulder

Your Worst Enemy

Hans Mulder suggests you do not make users your worst enemy.

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Jon M. Quigley

Eliminate Configuration Management?

Jon Quigley suggests that you do not eliminate configuration management.

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