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Hans Mulder

Balance Complexity

Hans Mulder suggests you balance your project requirements by risk

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Jim Kneeland

Final Stop

As Jim says, “I was brought in as CIO for this investment bank in Boston and they were growing like a weed. Governed by three partners, none of the executives would talk to each other.

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Kirby Wadsworth

Elephant Projects

As Kirby says, “When the day to day organizational structure gets in the way of accomplishing important projects, we often create cross-functional teams to drive break-through change.

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David Saul

Mutual Respect

David Saul suggests the executive sponsor build an environment of mutual respect.

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Jim Crear

Return on investment

It is rare that IT will be given a project to do without a study that resulted in a good ROI.

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Raj Nathan

Add Value

As Raj Nathan says, “One of my main principles in signing up to be an executive sponsor is to make sure that I can add value to the project team.

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Pauline Nist

Trust, but Verify

Pauline Nist says, “I like to use the Ronald Reagan quote “trust, but verify.”

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