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Bill Smillie

Committed Stakeholders

Bill Smillie suggests that stakeholders be…

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Tommy Van de Wouwer

The Physical Reward of Changing a Kanban Status

Tommy Van de Wouwer thinks that a lightweight tactile project…

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Shahin Khan

Finding a Mentor

Shahin Khan suggests the executive sponsor can improve his or her skills by finding a mentor.

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Bill Coleman


Bill Coleman says, “I was the executive sponsor for the Solaris project at Sun

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Jon M. Quigley

Secure that Talent

Jon M Quigley suggests a project's success ultimately is with the team and the project manager. 

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Pascal de Haan

The Magic of Authenticity

Pascal suggests that leaders/managers should be authentic.

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Dave Bats

Decision Latency

Dave Bats suggests from my experience in previous projects decision latency is…

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