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Phantom Advisor

P17. Blaming the Victim

17. Blaming the Victim: is the practice of holding the client responsible for everything that goes wrong with the project, particularly if it ultimately fails. 

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Niels Groen


Niels Groen suggests it is time for a change of paradigm for government IT projects.

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Herb Cohen

Negotiate Virtually Anything

Herb Cohen suggests you can negotiate virtually anything.

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Dave Bealby

All the wood behind one arrow

As Dave Bealby says, “All programs need a committed executive sponsor or they just don’t get done."

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Robert Kelley

Did It Right

As Bob Kelley said, “The executive sponsor for the custom sales force automation systems at this company did not dictate what he wanted and did not allow IT to tell them what they needed.

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Jeff Sutherland

QA Inside-Out

Jeff Sutherland said, that in 2006 Palm was trying to build a web operating system.

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Jim Crear

Resolve Conflicts

Jim Crear suggests without good chemistry, a project team can experience conflict, which can lead to errors, missed deadlines, or even project failure.

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