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Pascal de Haan suggests developing your strengths instead of your weaknesses. When looking at all the management methods and theories on how to be a good sponsor, how to be a good mate, how to be a good team it’s an illusion to have all these principles within one person. Every human is unique with their own capabilities. Based on tests, InterVision, reflection etc. you could be aware of your development areas. But instead of focusing on your lower score you should further develop and use your strong points. By developing your strong points, you automatically will develop your development areas. When acting in a team you should be aware of the capabilities with yourself and within your team. Recognize and respect each other’s capabilities and built on that. Develop your strengths and manage your weaknesses also provides a more positive approach of developing and it feels more natural instead of focusing on weakness which has a negative energy and could lead to decreasing even your strong points. It’s unrealistic that you can fulfill all needed capabilities, use yours in your advantage and embrace the fact of being a unique human being.

Joseph added: Here's an interesting article from a recent HBR issue. (https://hbr.org/2018/02/most-leaders-know-their-strengths-but-are-oblivious-to-their-weaknesses) Jack Zenger and Joe Folkman do suggest that leaders should focus on strengths, however, any major weaknesses (aka fatal flaws) should be remediated ASAP. The key to identifying fatal flaws is self-awareness and they simply have to be worked on to avoid being a poor leader.

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Pascal de Haan

Pascal de Haan lives in the Netherlands and works as a Global Risk Manager within DSM Shared Services. Pascal is instrumental in setting up Risk Management and Internal control frameworks within their shared services (IT, HR, Finance). Pascal has a diverse background going from Hospitality, HR, Finance to Risk Management. The latest addition to his field of knowledge is IT, in the form of the executive Master IT Governance and Assurance. Pascal strongly believes in a future driven approach on Risk Management and likes to challenge today's standards. The future is today and today we change "IT".
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