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An Old Habit of Advocating Honor


Robert Dirks experience is that he sees that the level of advocating honor is often forgotten in a stressful situation. In the early days advocating honor was often normal, hence morals are changing, the way that advocating honor is presenting is also changing. Advocating honor here is referred to rules, respect, courteous, polite, and honest. Where he sees that it’s very important to advocate honor, which can improve the working mentality of team members, but also improves the pleasure in work. When rules are respected, people are addressed courteous, polite, and honest the positive working environment will improve drive thus the process to excel and deliver. A good starting point for a project team in advocating honor is at a kick-off meeting setting base rules for the project team. By doing this everyone is aligned and can give input on what they feel is important. This will increase the working environment and help the project in achieving its goal.


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Emotional Maturity

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Robert Dirks

Robert Dirks is a consultant, specialized in the domains governance, risk a compliance. He enjoys working with different customers and challenges in these domains. His main drive is to be the black sheep in the flock, so where colleagues focus on being specialized in ethical hacking, auditing, awareness campaigns or risk management, he things the future is in enterprise alignment. Therefor he started in 2017 with the executive master in IT Governance and assurance at the Antwerp Management School.
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