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George Washington


Many stories are told about the first president of the United States, including Washington's statement: "Yes father, I did cut the cherry tree." Many have honored him for his truthfulness. However, George Washington never cut the cherry tree, nor did he say those words. It was also reported that he threw a dollar across the Potomac River. But actually, Washington was much too cheap to throw money around. Many claim that Washington was a great general. However, he lost more battles than he ever won.

Like all good project managers, Washington learned from his failures. He assessed his limited resources, found they were lacking, and formulated a strategy to overcome them. Of all the skills Washington possessed, perhaps his greatest was in project management proficiency. He knew the details of his army's skills, supplies, and position. He also knew the details of the opposing army's skills, tactics, strategies, supplies, and position. Washington was a master of logistics and he would become the model for modern generals to follow.

Washington was also a stickler for detail. For example, on his deathbed he told his doctor, "I am going. Have me decently buried and do not let my body be put into the vault in less than three days after I am dead." In grief, the doctor nodded. But this was not good enough for Washington. He asked him if he understood. The doctor replied that he did. "'Tis well," were his last words. Washington made sure that the listener grasped his communications. Good communicators make good project managers.

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