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Trust, but Verify


As Pauline Nist says, “I like to use the Ronald Reagan quote “trust, but verify.” As an executive sponsor people naturally only want to give you good news and they hide the bad news. However, for executive sponsors, bad news is like cancer, if you catch it at stage 1 you have all kinds of options and flexibility, but if you wait until stage 4 you are pretty much screwed. I think it is a sign of strength and courage to bring a problem forth so you can deal with right away. The problems don’t go away by sweeping them under the rug, they just worsen and when they surface months later they are much harder and costly to solve. The way you hit time to market is when you have problems you fix them right away.” 

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Pauline Nist

Pauline Nist is the general manager of software strategy at Intel Corporation. Her specialties include the management of hardware, firmware, operating system and database software product development, marketing, product management and support for systems, and management of customer and partner alliances. Prior to Intel, Mrs. Nist worked in senior executive technical, and marketing positions at HP, Tandem Computers, Digital Equipment, and Penguin Computing.
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