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All the wood behind one arrow


As Dave Bealby says, “All programs need a committed executive sponsor or they just don’t get done. For example when Bealby was with Sun, Scott McNealy said we are moving the entire product line over to SPARC. His famous quote was “we will put all our wood behind one arrow”. To many, if not most, in the organization this was the scariest thing they ever heard because many of the products were very successful. While Scott was the ultimate executive sponsor, all the major areas within the company had to have an executive sponsor that believed in the vision. These sponsors made sure that third party software was ported over to SPARC, the sales channel were properly and timely realigned, and manuals were updated. All this took individual executive sponsors to make the vision a success.” 


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Dave Bealby

Dave Bealby is an international management consultant and venture angel. Dave is currently the VP Global Services at Avenue Code. Mr. Bealby is a high-technology leader and strategist with in-depth experience in creating structure, maintaining focus and providing clinical execution in sales, services and marketing organizations. Dave has thirty years of demonstrated success developing commercially profitable businesses.
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