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Don Haderle suggests you  pull the plug when you cannot find one happy person.  We were in development, but in reality we were R&D building prototypes. So, we would spend 3 to 4 months building a prototype and then show it around. All we wanted was for somebody to say that is pretty good. It might not work at this stage, but the customer thinks it is a good thing to have or if they didn’t then you would have to make changes. So say they said it was pretty good. We would expand the development with a bigger or a longer development period. Then again we would show it to customers for feedback. It might not be elegant, but it worked. Here again we wanted the “aha moment” from the customer. If we did not get the “aha moment” we knew we needed to make changes. 


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Don Haderle

Don Haderle is an IBM Fellow, CTO and the father of DB2. Don retired from IBM in 2005 after 37 years. As CTO for data systems in IBM, Don led the creation of new information management. Don is helping several start-ups and early stage organizations with both technical and management advice.
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