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As Mike Sledge says, “The executive sponsor needs to have the mechanisms in place to effectively oversee and get insight on how the initiative is performing over time. For example, we are a program management company and I assumed on one of our larger internal programs that we would track it using standards tools. I would have my plans, baseline, resource scheduling, cost profiles, and the standard reports. What I did not have was the system established for our own internal use. It took some time to get this in place. We had training for people to learn how to use it. It took time on my part to communicate my requirements and the information I needed to get out of the system to provide its direction.” 


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Mike Sledge

Mike Sledge is Chief Operating Officer at Acuity, Inc. As Chief Operating Officer of Acuity, Inc., a firm that helps federal agencies safeguard the country by delivering real results and measurable taxpayer value, Mike is responsible for all internal business operations and process improvements. Prior to Acuity, Mike was Chief Executive Officer at Robbins-Gioia.
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