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Expectation management


Sidnie Feit suggests that expectation management starts with an established quality and achievable metrics. Nothing kills a relationship faster than over promising and under delivering. These quality metrics should fair, feasible and published. Transparent metrics is used to chart the project’s progress and ongoing operations. Make sure there is a benefit for the users to be involved and that they see this benefit. The metrics should tie back to these benefits. Establish a formal method for managing expectations through interplay between the project team and the user community. Also, make certain the users know what is expected of them as part of the team.

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Sidnie Feit

Dr. Sidnie M. Feit is our Chief Scientist. With over 40 years experience, Dr. Feit is a system architect, designer, lecturer and published author, with specialized knowledge of communications networks. She is experienced in technology evaluation, product review, competitive analysis, product launch, and service launch. Prior to joining The Standish Group, Dr. Feit was a member of ITT's system design and architecture group, where she participated in planning an international network, developed an e-mail gateway, and evaluated products. Dr. Feit holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics from Cornell University. She is the author of books on topics including TCP/IP, network management, local area networks, and wide area networks, and is working on a comprehensive reference book on high speed local, metro, and wide area networks.
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