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As Bob Kelley said, “The executive sponsor for the custom sales force automation systems at this company did not dictate what he wanted and did not allow IT to tell them what they needed. He brought in the people from the field to tell real life stories. So we created a wish list of what their real needs were and wrote the specifications around these stories. What he did was create a user ownership of the project. The executive sponsor made them feel like it was their project and he supported them by being in every meeting, getting the funding, and removing any roadblocks that got in the way of progress. He would make decisions quickly. He insisted that everyone knew what was going on and we published timely minutes of every meeting.” One of the major success factors was his decisiveness in making a decision when one was required and not forming a team or leaving people hanging.“ 



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Robert Kelley

Robert Kelley is a senior professional with experience in IT from start-ups and Fortune 200 companies. Mr. Kelley has much experience with SAP and Oracle, especially in FDA compliance and governance.
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