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Gene Bounds

Gene Bounds is the president of Bounds Associates. Bounds Associates provides advice, assistance, and training on business management, project/program management, acquisition management, and financial management. Mr. Bounds worked for Booz Allen Hamilton and Robbins-Gioia.

Advice Articles

Carry the Message

As Gene says, “A successful executive sponsor needs to be accessible, communicative up and down the organization, supporting the project manager in breaking down barriers, and getting the resources he or she needs.


Gene Bounds suggests that we don’t celebrate our successes sufficiently.

Change Professional

Gene Bounds suggests “You need to acknowledge that a project or program will introduce change to the organization.

Get on the Agenda

As Gene says, “A technique I use is getting the project on the agenda of the leadership team.

Just Say No

Gene Bounds suggests the executive sponsor is a key person in the program. 

Kick-off and Forget

Gene Bounds suggests the executive sponsors often kick-off and forget

Leverage Stakeholder

Gene Bounds think executive sponsors often fail to recognize who on the executive or leadership team has a stake in the project.

Parallel Collaboration

Gene Bounds says, “At any one time in any organization there are lots of projects going on.


As Gene Bounds says, “I was first reached by the then current executive sponsor of a project called “RightIT.

RightIT Advisory Group

As Gene says, “As executive sponsor of the RightIT project, I thought it was critical to understand who on the leadership team would be affected or could gain benefit from the RightIT project.

Think like Leaders

Gene Bounds suggests you empower your teams to think like leaders.


Gene Bounds suggests, “The problem is that project managers have their own view and language.

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