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Jim Johnson

Finding a Project Sponsor Mentor (Part 3)

The project sponsor role can be confusing.  That is because project sponsor role is much different than a…

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Jim Johnson

Finding a Project Sponsor Mentor (Part 2)

Finding a good project sponsor can be hard.  This is because the project sponsor is not a permanent full-time job or even title.

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Jim Johnson

Finding a Project Sponsor Mentor (Part 1)

Standish defines a mentor as an experienced and trusted adviser that helps train a colleague.

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Gene Bounds

Change Effect

Gene Bounds spent several years on...

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Wayne Strider

Dealing With a "Difficult" Person

Wayne Strider suggests dealing with difficult person is your responsible.

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Case Study

Royal Project

The Standish Group team of advisors reviewed the Royal Project. 

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Hans Mulder

Design Thinking

Hans Mulder suggest you look at DEMO to design

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