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Gene Sorbo

To get more work DONE (Part II)

Gene Sorbo suggests you plan to do...

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David Korkosz

Inspiration is Not Magic

David Korkosz suggests that inspiration is a fascinating topic...

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Marilyn Smith


Marilyn Smith knows the importance of teamwork and of trust among team members.

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CHAOS Tuesday

Avoid Decision Latency

The Standish Group suggests listen to CHAOS Tuesday Show #117 is on how to avoid decision latency. 

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Tommy Van de Wouwer

To Promote or not to Promote?

Tommy Van de Wouwer has noticed many organizations struggle…

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David Johnson

Good Sponsor Nanoclass First Week

David Johnson says, A good Executive Sponsor could be almost anyone in any walk of life, title or creed.

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Hans Mulder

Transform Rapidly

Hans Mulder suggests you look at DEMO to rapidly transform…


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