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Robert Kelley

Dealing with Arrogance

Bob Kelley suggests that the best ways to deal with arrogance is to know two things: who are your allies and who are not your allies.

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CHAOS Tuesday


The Standish Group suggests you listen to CHAOS Tuesday show on collaboration.

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Jon M Quigley

Emotions in the Project

Jon M Quigley says In business, we sometimes downplay the need for emotions…

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The Bookworms


Standish Team gives “Connections” a CHAOS Rating: 4 out of 5 butterflies.

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Jim Crear

All for One?

Jim Crear suggests that today comradery in many ways has been lost.

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Hans Mulder

Find your Facts

Hans Mulder suggests you look at DEMO to find the sources of…

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Eugen Oetringer

Being an Effective Leader

Eugen Oetringer suggests that being an effective leader…

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