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Stijn Van Looy

A War Room in Times of Peace

Stijn Van Looy suggests that creating a war room…

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Pascal de Haan

The power of an RCA (Root Cause Analyses)

Pascal de Haan suggests that you need to embed Root Cause Analyses (RCA) creation and action follow up when incidents happen.

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Robert Dirks

Influencing Decisions with Decisions

Robert Dirks says he can see in his working environment that…

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Eugen Oetringer

Business Intelligence

Eugen Oetringer suggest that, for a successful Business Intelligence…

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Hans Dijckmans

Close Bonds

Hans Dijckmans suggests that companies undergoing a digital transformation start…

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Ronald Kerremans

Adventures of an IT Leader

Ronald Kerremans rates The Adventures of an IT Leader…

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Dave Bats

Our Iceberg is Melting

Dave Bats reviews Our Iceberg is Melting.

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