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Our Iceberg is Melting


Dave Bats reviews Our Iceberg is Melting. The story was set in Antarctica, on an iceberg where a colony of emperor penguins had lived for as long as they could remember. This was the only home they known and their iceberg was melting. How they will solve this problem? The smart penguins did everything in small steps. In totally there were 8 steps to successful change. First step: summaries the problem and make other see what the problem is. Step 2: find a strong team with different personalities. Step 3: What is the plan. Step 4: Find different channels to communicate and win as many people. Step 5: Remove obstacles. Step 6: deliver clear goals in short terms . Step7: move on with the changes till success win.Step8:Repeat success till it become normal. After they succeed with the process they didn’t look back anymore how it was but only think in the future how we can finetune our lives. I believe, if we really would to change something we can also be that smart as the penguins but only when we work together as an team.    

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Dave Bats

Dave Bats is a Sr. Consultant in the field of Mobile Telecommunications for several years. I'm an expert in network development life cycle for Enterprise Telecommunications and Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO). Worked with cross-functional teams to develop and deliver new telecom services, devices and products. Within the telecom area I have fundamental knowledge in interconnection and Wholesale Billing systems. Successfully completed my post-graduate in Marketing Management. For the moment I'm taking my Master in IT Management at Antwerp Management School to scale-up my knowledge in digital transformation.
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