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Close Bonds


Hans Dijckmans suggests that companies undergoing a digital transformation start to invest much more into relational mechanisms in order to create close bonds between collaborating people and teams. Digital transformation often requires cutting-edge technology, and therefore comes with an important need for new IT skills: e.g. business process engineering, service design and APIs, cloud computing. Very often, professional IT workers need to adopt these skills in a quite short period of time. In addition, digital transformation inherently means shorter feature release cycles with less people. All these factors put quite some stress on the organisation as such, resulting in additional pressure from management on the “IT working bees”. Given these circumstances, a lot of managers tend to end up in incivility where the article "The price of incivility” by Christine Porath and Christine Pearson has clearly shown that such a style of management is very counterproductive for the organisation. Therefore, an organisation needs to arm itself against incivility. First, it needs to bring team workers closer by means of investing into relational mechanisms like offsite team events and regular delivery celebrations, enabling people to get to know each other outside the daily work context. In addition, the organisation should put reporting processes in place that chastise incivility as totally unacceptable behaviour within the company. With these measures, the company’s digital transformation process should be significantly more successful. 

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Hans Dijckmans

Hans Dijckmans works as an IT solution architect in the financial sector with a particular specialization in security. Hans founded his own company via which he offers his consultancy services. Hans holds a M.E.E (ing.) in Electronics & Information Technology (KULeuven - Groep T) and a Master in Science (ir.) in Electronics & Telecom (KULeuven). He also retains the CISSP certification since 2016. Hans is currently following an Executive Master in Enterprise & IT Architecture (2017-2019).
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