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Hans Dijckmans suggest that companies which are undergoing a digital transformation process better stop emphasizing their main focus on the perfect design and small-scale implementation of cutting-edge technologies, methodologies or architectural styles. Instead they should better start with getting the complete workforce embracing the new concepts and up to speed on the level of knowledge and skills as soon as possible. Every now and then, a new technology, methodology or architectural style buzz word looms within the organisation. We’ve all heard about SOA, APIs, microservices, cloud computing, SCRUM, agile etc. Very often, a relatively small team within the organisation gets an open mandate to start playing with these new concepts without any clearly defined objectives. Then, they are so much dragged into this new, better world that they often forget about their most important objective: learning about the new concepts and investigating how, in a most efficient way, the rest of the organisation can benefit from the knowledge and skills they obtained. Such teams often end up behaving like scouts being send out to discover, but not coming back to explain what they saw. Organisations should be stricter on the expectations and clearer on the outcomes when proclaiming such an exploration mandate. This approach should offer a higher success rate in getting innovations rolled out throughout the complete organization.

Colleen: This point is directly applicable to my recent experience, where I was able to sell a much-needed step into new territory as a Proof of Concept effort, but did not initially define anything about how we would evaluate the POC results and capture its learnings. Moving in the right direction now, but took a while to get there!


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Hans Dijckmans

Hans Dijckmans works as an IT solution architect in the financial sector with a particular specialization in security. Hans founded his own company via which he offers his consultancy services. Hans holds a M.E.E (ing.) in Electronics & Information Technology (KULeuven - Groep T) and a Master in Science (ir.) in Electronics & Telecom (KULeuven). He also retains the CISSP certification since 2016. Hans is currently following an Executive Master in Enterprise & IT Architecture (2017-2019).
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