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Eugen Oetringer suggest that, for a successful Business Intelligence (BI) implementation, you need to understand what executives, managers and professionals need to make the right decisions versus what BI is able to deliver. Please observe that today’s BI is a logical next step of what used to be called Decision Support Systems. However, something is different. It appears to be focused on data, definitions and mathematics only. Let us call this BI-data. Anything not fitting these requirements would be missed, leading to wrong decisions. Let us call the missing part BI-knowledge. What made our BI powerful in the ‘90s was delivering the combination of BI-data and BI-knowledge.

More specific questions to answer are: 

  1. Where is the focus on what executives, managers and professionals need to make the best possible decisions?
  2. Where is the training and coaching of BI-professionals in the lessons learned and in the associated solutions of the past 25 years?
  3. Where are the BI-professionals who ensure that BI remains prior to the tipping point, beyond which the quality of data drops, costs grow exponentially and BI-projects fail?
  4. Where is the priority for both BI-data and BI-knowledge in decision making processes?

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Eugen Oetringer

Eugen Oetringer is a Senior Analyst/Strategist for the most complex challenges. Confronted with high project failure rates in an IT environment of 100.000 employees, he did open analysis. It delivered new insights hiding behind the symptoms of failure. In turn, it delivered results where multiple attempts with popular solutions approaches had failed, from bridging an internal communication gap with 30.000 employees to daily emotional outbursts (ADHD) down to one in ten years.
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