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The Real Story of the Agile Manifesto


Tommy Van de Wouwer recently took an interest in the real story behind the Agile manifesto. We all know about it, some of us know the content but who knows the story behind it? Well let’s start at the beginning. In February 2001 a group of 17 people came together at a ski resort in Utah. It was not just any group but people with a real vision, afterwards some of them became the leaders for methods like Scrum, Extreme Programming, and adaptive software development. The goal of their meeting was to make software development easier, better but also more fun. Yes, actually it was partly a resistance against the big, corporate methods and ways of working. They wanted to make software development sexy again. Now Agile is used as a buzzword and probably one of the most abused excuses to not do things properly, we should take the main rules below into account as context when and how Agile works well. To be clear, the main agile principles below have a strong focus on the one on the left while this does not mean the one on the right should be discarded!

·         Individuals and interactions over processes and tools

·         Working software over comprehensive documentation

·         Customer collaboration over contract negotiation

·         Responding to change over following a plan

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Tommy Van de Wouwer

Tommy Van de Wouwer lives in Belgium and has been a senior IT project manager and leader of support delivery and software development teams for the last 15 years. He holds an active PMI PMP certificate, several people management certificates and believes in lifelong learning. He has been in the board of several non-profit organisations and local community advisory boards. In addition to his Bachelor degree in information management he has a postgraduate Intercultural Meaning and associate degrees in IT Development, IT Network Management and Corporate Communication, followed by an Executive Master IT management at the Antwerp Management school. Tommy's main focus is on collaboration and (think) out of the box solutions to bring business value from IT investments while keeping the human factor into mind. He likes to travel to world to experience other cultures and broadens his perspective.
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