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Fine Line


Kirby Wadsworth suggests good sponsors do not let the team get away with creating options, rather than recommendations. Good sponsors give the team clear direction. Good sponsors do not micro manage the team and get pulled right back into the room. This behavior can become a barrier to success. However, there is a fine line between informed and engaged and hovering. Good sponsors needs the right amount of oversight so the team stays on track and doesn’t get too far out on a limb. Good sponsors has to make sure the team does not head off in the wrong direction.

Project sponsors can find the line with help from our Good Sponsor Mentors.

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Kirby Wadsworth

Kirby Wadsworth is Chief Marketing Officer at Limelight Networks. Kirby has led the transition from traditional outbound to content-driven inbound marketing for both global public companies and private start-ups. He serves as an Adjunct Lecturer at the Olin Graduate School of Business, Babson College, and the Sawyer Business School, Suffolk University.
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