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Chapter 7: Miss Scarlet

7:55 A.M. Eastern Time 
November 3, 2004, Cape Cod

Scargo Manor is a three-story antique sea captain’s home that turned into a bed and breakfast several years ago. It sits on three acres of land that front Route 6A on the north and Scargo Lake on the south. We sat on their enclosed porch drinking hot coffee and eating warm muffins. 

“Is Amanda going to join us?” asked Blackman. “No, Amanda is off-Cape today,” I said.
“So are we on-Cape?” asked Blackman, smiling. “Yep,” I said. 

“I don’t get it. If you are in Boston, you don’t say I’m on-Boston or I’m off- Boston. You say I’m in Boston,” said Blackman. 

“You’re right! Some things aren’t explainable; they just are,” I said. “You are on-Cape now and a little while you will be off-Cape – the original binary system.” 

“So I understand there is a legend about the lake,” said Slate. 

Chapter 7 continues….

This microblog is from The Public Execution of Miss Scarlet by Jim Johnson. To read more of Chapter 7 and the rest of Miss Scarlet get your copy on LuLu @ http://www.lulu.com/shop/james-johnson/the-public-execution-of-miss-scarlet/paperback/product-22576678.html


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Miss Scarlet

The inspiration of The Public Execution of Miss Scarlet book came out of a two-day workshop in 2005. This book is a work of fiction. The company in this story does not exist and it was not modeled after any existing or former company. Much of what is depicted in the book is compilation and amalgamation of actual Standish engagements. While there may be events within the book that actually occurred, many have been enhanced or changed to correspond to the story.
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