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Please note that our pm2go.com content will now appear as part of the offerings of The Standish Group. The pm2go content will be referred to as “advice,” and it can be accessed only through a membership in Standish.  This membership is free, and it includes:

  • ·       Advice (formally pm2go content)
  • ·       Legacy CHAOS reports (2015 to 1994)
  • ·       General research reports
  • ·       Café’ CHAOS blog posts
  • ·       CHAOS Tuesday podcasts
  • ·       EZ-ROI 
  • ·       EZ-Optimix for Single Project (limited features)

To join, please go to:


Note: pm2go.com will go offline forever on August 31, 2019.

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The Standish Group’s mission is to change the world in the way software projects are managed. The new dawn in software project management will result in healthier and more rapid software development. We will accomplish this through the promotion and advancement of software value techniques and philosophies. Our philosophy is based on: 1) Group refection 2) Intensive primary research and 3) Constant feedback.
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