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Pieter Borrias

Pieter Borrias holds his own company where he helps and supports companies in roles like: project lead, manager of professional knowledge, business consultant, enterprise engineer, invisor/advisor, business analyst. Peter has a technical background as a systems-network-DBA and interim technical team-lead. Peter has studied DEMO bachelor and DEMO Master+ under guidance of Professor dr. ing. Jan Dietz. In his work Peter is focused on Performing in Social Interaction (DEMO/PSI). Peter currently is a first year student Executive Master Enterprise IT Architecture at the University of Antwerp Management School.

Advice Articles

From Planning to Implementing

Pieter Borrias suggests that planning an organizational change should…

Knowing You are a Valuable Project Team Member

Pieter Borrias suggests that you can become, be, and stay a valuable…

Knowing your Project Hand is the Winning Project Hand

Pieter Borrias suggests that you can discover your winning hand by…

Success Factors for Digital Transformation Projects

Pieter Borrias suggests that DTP’s (Digital Transformation Projects) will benefit from adhering to proven success-factors.

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