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Theo van Leest

Theo is a dreamer in IT solutions. Since 2015 he got familiar with the DEMO methodology of the Enterprise Engineering Institute. He than progressed towards the area of challenging IT problems. Theo is fascinated by innovative technology within the Business Transformation theme. Theo’s outstanding socials skills and open-minded approach helped organizations to achieve the next step in transforming their design to the digital world.

Advice Articles

100% Sponsorship

Theo van Leest suggests that you make sure you…

Collaboration Platform

Theo van Leest suggests that you use a collaboration…

Digital is Thrilling

Theo van Leest suggests that you fully benefit from…

No Judgment

Theo van Leest suggests that you encourage…

The Comfort Zone

Theo van Leest suggests that you try to inspire project members to do

The Public Execution of Miss Scarlet

Theo van Leest rates The Public Execution of Miss Scarlet…

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