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Dan Horsey

Dan Horsey is a senior information technology executive. His expertise includes project management, software design and development. His skilled in networks, distributed processing, enterprise Architecture and technology strategy. He also has experience in marketing strategy, and business/technology alignment. Dan has held senior positions are the IRS, Bureau of National Affairs and Thomson Corp.

Advice Articles

Bite Size

Dan Horsey suggests that project managers insist their teams “digest...

Bite-sized Chunks

Dan Horsey suggests that there are very clear benefits to doing things in bite-sized chunks.


Dan Horsey favors an iterative development style. Why?

Does Not Age Well

Dan Horsey suggests that bad news does not age well.

Go First

Dan Horsey suggests that a diversity of inputs are...

Kicking the Can

Dan Horsey observes that avoiding mention of problems is just a way...

Let It Go

Dan Horsey suggests that your user base and customers should be willing to...

No Big Bang

Dan Horsey recommends iterative development rather than...

Nothing Leads Directly to Success

Dan Horsey says nothing leads directly to success...

Problem Solving

Dan Horsey believes that priority has to be given to things that...

Recipe for Disaster

Dan Horsey warns that projects with multiple...


Dan Horsey suggests that sometimes you need to break...

Walking Around

Dan Horsey suggests that the best managers do their work by...

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