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The Standish Group is pleased to provide an exclusive process for your continuing education development certifications called PM2GO. Registration in PM2GO is free.  Registration provides the delivery of a daily microblog blog and access to the hundreds of microblogs in the PM2GO archive. In addition, PM2GO helps project managers and other IT professionals maintain their certification and educational development requirements by means of a convenient, economical, and rewarding technique.

It takes just six minutes a day! As a registered user of PM2GO you will get a daily message in the form of the latest microblog along with a dashboard. You will be able to state you read the microblog and answer some additional questions confirming you read the microblog. You will get 1 point for every confirmed microblog. When you reach 10 points you will be issued a professional development unit (PDU) and sent a report listing the microblogs you read.

All your PDUs are free. The process is simple. You just register and you will be  sent your first microblog. You will then be sent one new microblog to answer each day for the next nine days or until you reach 10 confirmed microblogs.

There has never been an easier way of maintaining your certification. Once you have tried the system you will agree.

Please register here.



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